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Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Regent's University London, home of the London School of Reflexology

I recently had the pleasure of attending another training course with Ziggie Bergman, the creator of the Zone Face Lift. My facial reflexology training with Ziggie began last year and this time I’ve completed the advanced part of the course. She is so passionate about what she does and it really shows in her teaching style. Once again it was an incredible experience and I’ve come away so excited about sharing the new techniques.

This is such a wonderful treatment for reducing stress and for overall well-being. If you have experienced traditional foot reflexology then you will know how relaxing reflexology is and facial reflexology seems to have much more intensity. When I had my treatment I almost immediately zoned out and drifted away. The reflexology points were feeling tender at times, but I was so relaxed that it didn't matter. I knew it was going to be beneficial.

The muscles of the face work very hard all day long and can hold a lot of tension. This facial treatment provides a full reflexology session, as you would have on the feet, but also provides facial muscles some relief through the special techniques we learned on the day. Relieving tension in the muscles of the face can also have a smoothing effect on the skin. So in one session you get all the benefits of reflexology with the added benefit of visible improvements to skin tone and texture.

Facial reflexology training is a major part of the Zone Face Lift treatment. The Zone Face Lift has been featured in many beauty publications and most recently was reviewed by BBC radio 2’s Janey Lee Grace (see review here) and in Tatler magazine (see article below). I will be adding this amazing facial treatment very soon. The Zone Face Lift Elixir is also wonderful, a very special blend of oils and herbs that will nourish your skin as well as your spirit. Every bottle is infused with an amethyst crystal to promote calm, balance and peace. The elixir also contains white sage which is meant to smudge away any negativity. White sage is a sacred herb to Native Americans, traditionally used in a smudging ceremony to clear away negative energy. The white sage blended with other essential oils has a wonderfully relaxing, almost meditative scent and the velvety feel of the elixir will leave your skin smooth and glowing. I will be offering this elixir for your facial reflexology session or if you prefer you can still choose the gorgeous unscented blend of rosehip, argan, jojoba, pomegranate and vitamin E oils from Flying Wild which I’ve been using up to now. I look forward to sharing this beautiful treatment with everyone.

Some of the media coverage of Zone Face Lift and Zone Face Lift Elixir

Tatler - January 2019

OmYoga - April 2018

Red - June 2018

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