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reflexology lincolnshire


Foot reflexology

60 minutes £35

Reflexology is a non invasive complementary therapy which treats the whole body through pressure points, or reflex areas, on the feet, hands, ears or face. Traditional foot reflexology will begin with a gentle massage of the feet to warm up the tissues and help you relax into the treatment. This is followed by firmer, more focused finger and thumb pressure on reflex points of the feet. I will finish the session with a gentle endocrine balance technique where appropriate. Many clients report an immediate improvement to their sleeping patterns and a relief from the stresses of daily life.

Maternity reflexology

60 minutes £35

mum and baby £50

Maternity reflexology can be very beneficial throughout pregnancy, helping to ease many of the symptoms that come along with the major changes your body is going through. Regular reflexology can help reduce stress levels and anxiety, allowing your body time to rebalance. Each session will be a bespoke treatment focusing on your needs at the time. I have been trained in the internationally recognised Suzanne Enzer maternity reflexology course and can offer safe treatments throughout your pregnancy journey. Treatments can be booked from 12 weeks of pregnancy. If you are under the care of a consultant or have any health condition related to your pregnancy please contact me prior to booking to ensure reflexology is safe for you. 

A mum and baby session will share some simple baby reflexology techniques with you and help baby relax and (hopefully) sleep, so you can then enjoy some much deserved time to yourself. Contact me if you have any questions.

Reflexology for Menopause Support

60 minutes £35

75 minutes £40

If you are looking for ways of coping with the changes experienced during menopause and perimenopause, reflexology can be a wonderful tool. Research (see links page for research articles) has shown reflexology can reduce stress levels and help improve quality of life for menopausal women. Stress levels can contribute to the severity of menopausal symptoms by effecting the body's hormone production, so by allowing yourself some time to relax you will be allowing your hormone levels a chance to rebalance. I have undertaken advanced training to support you through this time of your life with specific techniques to help you relax and reduce stress levels, thus easing your symptoms. 

Fertility reflexology

60 minutes £35

My fertility reflexology sessions use very precise and focused techniques, which aim to relax and rebalance the endocrine and reproductive systems, thus enhancing fertility. Regular sessions are essential for positive results, usually beginning with weekly sessions.

The initial consultation can be quite lengthy in order to gather all the necessary information about your specific circumstances. It is preferable, although not necessary, to consult with both partners initially and form a treatment plan which is suitable for you both where possible. After your initial consultation and treatment, a package plan is available with 6 follow up appointments for £180. Please contact me if you'd like any further information.

Hot stone reflexology

60 minutes £50


A foot reflexology session with the added relaxation of hot stones. Larger placement stones will be arranged under and around your body, while smaller hot stones and gemstones are used to work the reflex areas on the feet for an incredibly gentle and relaxing treatment.

Mobile reflexology

60 minutes £45


Reflexology treatments are available in your own home if you are unable to travel to my clinic. Using a portable chair, I can offer the same quality reflexology session in the comfort of your own home. No additional charges within 10 mile radius of Louth, but if further than 10 miles additional travel expenses of 30p per mile will apply.

*Female clients only please unless by referral*

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