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Massage Therapy

Holistic massage

60 minutes £35

30 minutes £25


Regular massage can have many benefits, both physically and emotionally. Massage therapy has been shown to be beneficial to your general well being by reducing stress hormones in the body. Massage is the perfect way to look after yourself as it can boost immunity, reduce inflammation and pain and improve sleep patterns.

My holistic massage session is specifically tailored to your needs. Using a combination of traditional Swedish massage techniques, myofascial release, deep tissue work and trigger point release, this massage will aim to reduce muscular tension and release any "knots", leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Pregnancy massage

70 minutes £45


A soothing full body massage that is performed while lying on your side. This massage can help relieve many pregnancy-related discomforts and niggles. I use gentle lymph drainage techniques to help with swelling and water retention (oedema) and use light stimulation on acupressure points to ease bothersome symptoms such as leg cramps or nausea. If you wish, I will gently massage your bump for increased wellbeing to you and your baby. This is entirely optional.

Hot stone massage

75 minutes £50


A wonderfully warming treat any time of year. Basalt stones are warmed and used throughout the massage for a soothing and grounding effect. Larger stones are placed under and on the body, whilst smaller stones are used to perform the massage movements. The warmth of the stones will help to melt away tension in the muscles. Hot and cold stones can be used alternately to relieve any areas of inflammation and soreness in the body.

Facial rejuvenation massage

50 minutes £35

Block of 4 £125


A relaxing and rejuvenating facial treatment, this facial massage uses a combination of massage movements and acupressure points to relax the muscles of the face. Jade and rose quartz gua sha are used to encourage lymph drainage and circulation, leaving your skin glowing. These techniques can reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve skin texture, reduce puffiness as well as leaving you feeling deeply relaxed. Visible results after the first treatment, but for improved results at least 4 weekly sessions are recommended. Enjoy a block of 4 sessions at the discounted price of £125

Indian head massage

45 minutes £30


A seated massage which is focused on the upper back, shoulders, neck, face and head. Using traditional movements and stimulation of marma points, this half hour treatment will relax and stimulate at the same time. This treatment is very much focused on balancing your energy centres (upper chakras) and soothing away stress and tension. 

Myofacial release

60 minutes £35


This gentle form of massage focuses on the facia system which is present throughout the body. Applying gentle sustained pressure to the facial tissues creates a stretching action which can release any restrictions, reducing pain and restoring motion. This technique can be helpful for stiffness where repetitive action or bad posture is at the root of the problem. The mild pressure and gentle action also makes this technique extremely helpful for fibromyalgia.

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