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Baby Reflexage

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Reflexology and massage combined to create a unique parent and baby experience

I recently qualified as a baby reflexage practitioner and am so excited to be bringing these courses to Louth. I will be offering small group sessions and private sessions for those who can’t attend the group sessions or would prefer one to one attention. The group sessions will run for five weeks and will provide parents with the opportunity to learn some simple reflexology and massage routines. The one to one sessions will be approximately 45-60 minutes long, allowing extra time for any feeding, changing or cuddle breaks.

Baby massage has long been known to promote bonding between parent and baby as well as ease the symptoms of colic and digestive issues. The massage moves we practice with babies will also help ease muscle tension and improve circulation. Add to this the benefits of the reflexology techniques you will learn and you will have an excellent toolkit to calm and soothe your baby anytime, anywhere. My classes will be offered in a calm and peaceful environment which will allow you and your baby time to relax and connect.

During the session, I will be observing each baby and assessing their needs through their actions. Through this observation I will be able to offer the appropriate reflexology techniques for each baby. As a fully qualified and insured reflexologist I am able to treat your baby during the session safely and effectively. I will demonstrate techniques you can use at home to help ease the symptoms of colic, reflux, teething, digestive issues, coughs and colds.

If you'd like more information or would like to keep up to date with course times and dates, have a look at my new facebook page dedicated to the Tiny Toes classes or have a look at my website.

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