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Facial Reflexology

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Sinus pain, headaches, stress and tension gone in ten minutes

I first read about Ziggie Bergman’s amazing facial reflexology course several years ago and thought it sounded interesting. Recently, I travelled to London School of Reflexology in Regent's Park to attend her course and I can say it is more than just interesting, it is absolutely amazing! It seems to have an instantly relaxing effect, so much so that one of the other trainees was snoring within 5 minutes of her treatment beginning!

The instantaneous effect can be attributed to the fast nervous response when facial reflexes are stimulated. During a foot reflexology session, the nerve response must travel from the feet, up the legs and spine through the nervous system to the brain. When a reflex is stimulated on the face the nerve response travels directly to brain so we see a much faster response.

Working with partners, we all had a chance to perfect the techniques with Ziggie's meticulous guidance. Not only did we all get to witness the relaxation, we also got to experience the effects personally. It is indeed a very relaxing therapy and visibly so. We could all see a difference in our faces after the session, our skin seemed to glow and the muscles of the face were no longer holding tension.

On the course I learned a short routine which is incredibly relaxing in itself, but combining the facial reflexology with another therapy can increase the benefits and make a more complete treatment. The session could be followed by a full traditional foot reflexology treatment or an Indian Head Massage to ease upper body tension. I could also begin my natural lift facial massage with a short facial reflexology session for a unique beauty treatment.

I look forward to seeing Ziggie again very soon, when I attend an advanced level facial reflexology course. Ziggie has recently been featured in Tatler magazine and has been in several other publications in the past, with beauty writers raving about her Zone Face Lift. I will be bringing Zone Face Lift to Louth in the coming months, watch this space. For more information about Zone Face Lift see

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