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Baby Massage and Reflexology

Baby massage and reflexology courses in a calm and peaceful setting. Small, cozy classes led by a fully qualified manual therapist and reflexologist, offering you plenty of one to one attention. Being a qualified reflexologist, I am able to offer individual reflexology treatments for babies at the end of the classes if they are awake and happy. The techniques you will learn on the course are a safe and effective way of easing early discomforts your baby may be experiencing, such as

  • colic

  • reflux

  • teething

  • digestive issues

  • constipation

  • coughs and colds

All of these moves can be used at home with the easy to follow guide you'll be provided. The reflexology techniques can be used anytime, anywhere!

The sessions are suitable from 4 weeks to crawling and are also available in private one to one setting, either in my clinic or in your own home. Contact me if you'd like more information about private sessions.

Gift certificates are available and they make a great gift for new parents!

Baby Massage and Reflexology

​A unique parent and baby session which combines massage and reflexology for a special bonding experience through the power of touch. Babies learn about their world through their senses and a loving touch can create a strong bond between parent and child. The classes are kept small and offered in a peaceful environment where you and your baby can feel calm and relaxed, making time for communication and connection. During the four week course you will learn a full massage routine and some simple reflexology techniques to use anytime, anywhere. For the latest list of course dates please see the online booking section or my facebook page.

£40 / 4 week course

Baby Reflexology

A parent and baby group teaching you this gentle form of reflexology which is specially adapted for babies. There are no creams or oils needed and no need to undress baby for this session. During this three week course you will learn gentle, safe moves to soothe your baby anytime, anywhere. And of course, using the power of a loving touch to create a strong bond between you and your baby. For the latest course dates please see the online booking section or my facebook page.

£35 / three week course

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